Looking for an easy way to estimate the value of your used vehicle? Look no further - with our easy online trade-in calculator, you can get an estimated value for your used vehicle in just seconds. Simply fill out the relevant information above, and in only a few clicks you'll get an accurate valuation of your used vehicle based on current market trends and Kelley Blue Book®️ values.

Afterwards, you simply need to be sure to bring your estimated value with you to our used car dealership in the Bronx when you're ready to make your trade-in. Trade-in your used car at our dealership easily and conveniently, and you'll get valuable credit to use towards your next purchase with us.

If you don't drive a Chevrolet , don't fret - we'll take whatever used car you have to offer in its current condition, no last-minute repairs required. Visit LaSorsa Chevrolet today to trade-in your used car at our Bronx Chevrolet dealership.